Spending Deal Leaves Dreamers’ Lives in the Balance Without Dream Act

Washington, D.C. – On Friday morning both parties reached a spending deal to end the government shutdown without including protections for immigrant youth, leaving the lives of 800,000 Americans in the balance.

In response, Voto Latino President and CEO Maria Teresa Kumar, issued the following statement:

“Today Congress failed to uphold an American core value: standing up for those most vulnerable. Democratic lawmakers vowed to find a permanent solution to end the Trump-created crisis, but failed translating their words into action. Dreamers and allies have courageously pressed Congress for a solution, mobilizing hundreds to visit Capitol Hill and deliver the clear message that we must pass the Dream Act now.

Despite the fact that the majority of Americans believe that a quick solution to offer relief to 800,000 immigrants is needed, lawmakers buckled to GOP pressure. These are the politics of cruelty, pretending to have courage while raising hope in the lives of people losing their immigration status daily.

Instead, the Democrats leaned into Trump’s policy of targeted ethnic profiling that is dangerous and unjust.

People who grew up American contribute tremendous talent to our country. It is un-American to criminalize workers, students, teachers, soldiers, veterans and doctors. Speaker Ryan, who controls the legislative calendar, needs to bring a bill to the floor. There are six million mixed status families in the United States. Voto Latino, with a million supporters, reminds Congress that we represent voters. We will relentlessly fight alongside the brave Dreamers who continue to show more courage than the nation’s lawmakers.”