Voto Latino Disapproves of Congress Lack of Leadership

Washington, D.C. – Yesterday, the Senate voted 81-18 to move forward with government funding that failed to protect Dreamers. In response, Maria Teresa Kumar, Voto Latino President and CEO, issued the following statement:

“Last week, there was a glimpse of hope as we saw leaders in Congress stand up for American values, but today hundreds of thousands of people  across America are left disillusioned and in distress yet again as they witnessed many of those same leaders retreat.

This past week,  Voto Latino chapters across the country joined hundreds of thousands of women and allies who took to the streets to demand an end to the chaos and cruelty of the Trump administration and the political games of Congressional Republicans. We need leadership to seek humane solutions, not short term political bandaids.

Each day that Congress refuses to act, over 120 Dreamers lose protection from deportation. Despite today’s setback, we must make one thing very clear to Congress: we will not retreat. In 2016, Voto Latino alone registered 177,218 voters and nearly 80% of them turned out to vote. With that in mind, I would remind our elected officials that they were voted into office to serve as representatives of the American people, 70% of whom support Dreamers. While neither Democrats nor Republicans in the Senate have any Latinos among their leadership, the electoral base is a different story. If Congress will not seek serious and timely solutions to the Dreamers and other issues important to the Latino community, then Latinos must show in full force at the midterms to express their disapproval.”