Voto Latino Responds: Justice Gorsuch Must Remain Accountable to Constitution not Corporate Interests

WASHINGTON, D.C. – April 6, 2017 – Voto Latino, the leading civic media organization empowering American Latino millennials, released a statement from President and CEO Maria Teresa Kumar on the confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch as our country’s next Supreme Court Justice.

“Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation as our next Supreme Court Justice could have resonating effects on future rulings, from healthcare, to reproductive and voting rights, that will have a lasting impact on communities of color in America.

“Justice Gorsuch has a troubling record of siding with corporations, the powerful and wealthy, and based on his history, has a far-right judicial philosophy rooted in supporting special interests, but now he’s tasked with the responsibility to preserve the constitution and protect citizens over corporate entities.

“It’s unfortunate that Senate Republicans have turned our highest court in the land to political theater, and Voto Latino will be watching closely to ensure that Justice Gorsuch upholds the ideals of the Supreme Court, that of equal justice under law.”