Voto Latino Response to White House Immigration Principles

Washington, D.C. – On Sunday night, the White House released a list of extreme immigration demands in an attempt to derail Congress from passing legislation that would protectDACA recipients from deportation.

The list includes funding a U.S.-Mexico border wall, tougher laws on unaccompanied minors, and legislation that cuts off key federal funding for sanctuary cities.

In response, Jessica Reeves, Voto Latino COO, issued the following statement:

“The White House immigration principles released last night are a hate-filled wish list that aims to use the lives of 800,000 innocent young people as a bargaining chip to implement anti-immigrant laws and Trump’s mass deportation agenda.

It is a shameful non-starter that makes no attempt to compromise.

We must not allow Dreamers to be used as hostages in exchange for immoral immigration laws that undermine American values. Dreamers deserve real solutions, not legislation that devastates immigrant communities and hurts the prosperity of all Americans.

It is time for Congress to pass the Dream Act, which offers long-term protection to DACA recipients and already has widespread bipartisan support.

Voto Latino will continue to stand by the courageous Dreamers who refuse to be pushed back into the shadows and who fight every day for their right to be part of our great nation.”