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Declaring a national emergency for a wall that Americans have resoundingly said they don’t want nor need to stop asylum-seeking refugees is absurd. It’s a veiled excuse for a power grab and it upsets our democratic system of three equal branches of government as outlined by our Constitution. We encourage for cooler heads to prevail […]

Washington, DC — Young Latinos call on the new Congress to enact progressive legislation, that includes immigration reform, healthcare, education reform and protecting the environment. According to a new poll, Latinx adults (18-35 years of age) are optimistic that the 116th Congress – the most diverse ever – will change the direction of the country. […]

Tonight, President Trump addressed the nation in primetime to make his case for continuing one of the longest federal government shutdowns in US history. Yet there was nothing new in his speech. Border security is a priority. But President Trump’s hateful and manufactured crisis at the southern border is hurting millions of Americans while putting […]

In 2018, we saw the rise of the Latinx voter, and as the 2020 presidential race begins we are thrilled to see the rise of Latinx leadership with the announcement from our former board member, @juliancastro. We thank him for his service and for this moment of inspiration for our community. From the voting booth […]

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