New Voto Latino Survey Finds Latinx Voters Are Energized by Midterms and Plan to Stay Engaged in Future Elections

Survey Conducted Nov 9-12th by Change Research Finds Immigration Top Issue to Young Hispanic Voters; Somos Mas Campaign Highly Resonant

(THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15TH) – Latinx voters are highly motivated and energized by the 2018 midterm elections and plan to stay civically engaged in the election process moving forward, a recent survey commissioned by Voto Latino conducted after the 2018 midterm finds.  Of those surveyed, 94% said they will continue to vote in upcoming elections, and nearly one-third said they plan to learn more about the issues driving local politics in their community. Additionally, 26% of those surveyed were new voters, signaling the growth in engagement among young Latinx voters.

“The Latinx community turned out in record numbers in this midterm election cycle and their message is clear: we are energized, we are watching, and we will continue to be a force in future elections,” said Maria Teresa Kumar, President of Voto Latino.

Immigration was the top issue that motivated Latinx to vote in the midterm election according to the survey, followed by 25% of women saying reproductive rights and health were their top issue, while jobs and the economy (16%) and civil rights (13%) were top issues for men. More than half of those surveyed said they participated in the election because it is their responsibility to vote.

The online survey, conducted by Change Research November 9-12, 2018, surveyed 1,586 people below the age of 35 who identify as Hispanic, Latinx, or are from a Spanish-speaking background in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada and Texas.

The survey also found that when it comes to messaging, the Somos Mas campaign Voto Latino launched earlier this year with the goal of registering one million new voters by 2020 continues to resonate deeply with voters.  Sixty-four percent of those surveyed said they identify with the theme, “Somos Mas- Together We Are More.”

As part of the Somos Mas campaign, Voto Latino also launched VoterPal, an app that allows individuals the ability to register their friends, family, and community by simply scanning their drivers licenses.

“By putting the tools and resources directly in the hands of individuals so they can register their community voters where their habits live – on their phones – we are making voter participation easier and less intimidating,” said Kumar.

However, the survey also found that many respondents did not feel prepared to vote in the election due to a lack of information about candidates. Forty-two percent of those surveyed said they would have liked more information about the candidates who are running.

“While this community of voters is civically engaged, it is also clear that campaign organizations and candidates have more work to do when it comes to effectively reaching this constituency and ensuring they are equipped with information that can help them make informed decisions at the voting booth,” said Kumar.

In terms of what respondents will be looking for in future candidates, 82% of voters said making higher education more affordable as a characteristic that will make them more likely to vote for a candidate in the future. And not surprisingly 70% of voters said they are less likely to vote for a candidate who supports the wall. Candidates who will protect DACA, and support Medicare-for-all are also top priorities of the Latinx community.

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