Voto Latino, United We Dream, Workers Defense Project and Others Fight Back Against SB4

Organizations gathered in front of Texas State Capitol to protest the harmful bill

AUSTIN, TX. – May 30, 2017 – Yesterday, national and local organizations, gathered in front of the Texas State Capitol for a day of resistance. Hundreds came together  to send a clear message to Gov. Abbott that SB4 has no place in Texas and immigrants are here to stay. The scuffle on the House floor further demonstrates the deep divide that SB4 and other discriminatory legislation creates and is in sharp contrast to the unifying events that brought together immigrants, community members, elected officials, local and national groups on Monday morning.

Organizations in attendance included Voto Latino, United We Dream, Workers Defense Project, Education Austin, Fair Immigration Reform Movement, Immigrants United, and University Leadership Initiative. They were joined by Congressman Joaquin Castro (D-TX-20), Mayor Steve Adler,  and Texas State Representative Victoria Neave (TX-107) and councilman Greg Casar among others.

“It’s time for Texans and all Americans to stand up and fight, not only for the undocumented members in our community, but also for U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents that will fall victim to this law. SB4 is un-American and Texas voters will make their voices heard at the ballot box,” said Congressman Joaquin Castro.

“Our immigrant community is not alone. We are all in this together,”  said Mayor Steve Adler of Austin, Texas.

“Our right-wing dominated Legislature, elected via gerrymandered districts and legalized voter suppression, has been hard at work dismantling the rights of everyday Texans for months. Now, the people of Texas are getting warmed up for a summer of resistance. Local elected leaders across Texas will work with the community to fight SB4 in the courts and at the ballot box until we defeat this law and the politicians who supported it,” said Councilman Greg Casar.

Voto Latino organized on the ground and online alongside partners this weekend to bring an end to race baiting legislation. From working in the state for the past seven years we know that here is much more to do to hold these elected officials accountable. That is why we are doubling down our efforts in Texas, which has become ground zero for hateful rhetoric and a testing ground for racist laws,” said Voto Latino COO Jessica Reeves.