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Alida Garcia

Alida Garcia

Vice President of Advocacy, FWD.us

Alida Garcia is a political & public affairs strategist for electoral & issue advocacy campaigns with an expertise in legislative policy campaigning, immigration issues, & Latino civic engagement.  She currently is the Vice President of Advocacy for FWD.us, a national advocacy organization founded by Mark Zuckerberg primarily focused on immigration and criminal justice reforms. In her work at FWD.us Alida has found herself in the middle of some of the biggest fights of our time including comprehensive immigration reform, United States v. Texas, DACA repeal & the Dream Act in 2017, and zero tolerance & family separation.

Alida also is Co-Founder of Inclusv, an organization founded and led by people of color focusing on advocating for and training people of color working in campaigns & advocacy.  She served as the National Latino Vote Deputy Director for President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign whereby she focused on developing the national Latino vote program in the 11 priority battleground states. She's a graduate of Stanford University & Columbia Law School.