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Elsa Collins

Elsa Collins

Social Impact Leader and Activist

​Raised on both sides of the border (San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico), Elsa was the fifth of five children. Both her parents were born in Mexico. She is a first generation college graduate. She received her B.A. in Communications and Masters Degree in Sociology from Stanford University. She then pursued a JD from Columbia Law School.

She is the Co-founder of The Ideateur, a social impact and political consulting group focusing on sports, cultureand the entertainment space helping clients construct a strategy to address the issues they care about and then move the needle in the direction they want to see it shift. Working closely with groups like My Brother’s Keeper, Voto Latino, Rock the Vote and Harness, she fights for equality in all spheres.

She is also a contributing writer to Lenny Letter and Parent Latina Magazine writing essays on race and parenting. She also is on the Board of the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and an Ambassador for the Good Plus Foundation.Elsa became an everyday activist ​when the news first hit of young children being detained and separated from their parents this summer. Along with her sister, Elsa Collins said, “We have to do something”. Elsa took their experience in social impact and cross border issues and issued a rallying cry to their network.

She is the lead Los Angeles organizer for #ThisIsAboutHumanity which included a donation drive for separated children, two trips to the border, one to San Diego and one to Tijuana to learn more from separated families,deported parents and veterans. In addition to the trips, a speaker series highlighting asylum seekers at the border has begun as well as and fundraising dinner to benefit separated and reunited families.