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Marvin Bing

Marvin Bing

Creative Director and Founder of Identity Politics

Marvin Bing is a creative activist, conceptual designer, and cultural producer specializing in formulating strategic partnerships, and creative experimental activations. Marvin is also a proud product of the foster care & juvenile justice system respectively. As the Former Creative Director of Art for Amnesty, a division of Amnesty International USA, Bing collaborated with visual artists, musicians, photographers, filmmakers and cultural institutions on groundbreaking campaigns to support Amnesty’s global human rights efforts.

In 2015, Bing drew critical acclaim by birthing Manifest: Justice, a ten-day exhibition of art, activism, and human rights centered around racial profiling, mass incarceration, police brutality and gun violence partnering with Taskforce and The California Endowment. Leaving a mark at Amnesty International he created a thought-provoking annual exhibit titled 'Art for Rights', which brought together 15 internationally recognized artists to depict a dozen of the most troubling human rights violations in our world today for International Human Rights Today. He would follow the exhibit by later premiering Canvases of Courage a mini-documentary with BushRenz showcasing the stories which inspired each artists’ work, as well as a 2 day exhibit with Usher around his "Chains" Video release. In 2016 Bing created Young Gets It Done, a civic engagement series that brings together unconventional musical artists and activists to educate, engage, and inspire young people of color to participate in election by way of registering to vote, and voting ahead of the presidential election. Most recently Bing's streetwear brand Identity Politics collaborated with Streetwear heavyweight Union Los Angeles on a capsule collection "God Protect Robert Mueller" partnering with Spike Lee.

As a successful community and political organizer, Bing has garnered national recognition and accolades. He brings that consciousness to his creative endeavors, finding new and innovative ways to uplift critical social issues through creativity and art. Bing has been featured in Variety, Juxtapoz Magazine, MTV, Al Jazeera, Los Angeles Magazine, Upworthy and numerous other publications.