What We Do

Our Focus

All the work that we focus on is part of a pipeline meant to serve and empower our community. That pipeline is made up of three parts: civic engagement, issue advocacy, and leadership development. Here’s what each looks like:

Issue Advocacy

Via major initiatives like Somos Más we provide young Latinos ways to advocate on behalf of issues that are important to them, from immigration to civic engagement.

Leadership Development

Through leadership programs such as the Power Summit Conference and Our Voices, we connect young Latinos with thought leaders, elected officials, and industry experts to network and provide the tools they need to become change makers.

Civic Engagement

Through voter registration campaigns, strategic partnerships, get-out-the-vote initiatives, and more, we encourage our audience to make their voices heard in local and national elections.

Our Work

Our work has evolved from voter registration to taking on other key issues that impact the Latino community in America. We believe focusing our efforts on the areas below has led to the greatest impact — one that wouldn’t be possible without your help.

Voter Education & Registration

Voter registration and education is at the core of Voto Latino’s work. That’s because we know that young Latinos are the gatekeepers of our communities and the future of this country. To continue to shape our national politics most effectively, they must be registered voters. We’re here to make sure of that.

To date, Voto Latino has registered more than half a million young voters through a combination of traditional and innovative methods. Voto Latino co-founded National Voter Registration Day, a national holiday to boost voter registration in underrepresented communities. In addition to hosting in-person voter registration drives, Voto Latino is engaging the next generation of voters through sophisticated digital advertising and outreach methods, such as the first text-to-register voter registration campaign and VoterPal, an app that makes it easy to register yourself and your peers.

Immigration & Citizenship

In the U.S. there are 11.2 million undocumented immigrants–many of whom are our friends, our family, or our colleagues. That makes immigration reform a personal issue  for many Latinos, and an issue Voto Latino is committed to addressing. 

We’ve advocated for solutions like the Dream and Promise Act, which passed the House in 2019 and provides some undocumented residents a path to citizenship. We’ve provided support for DACA by offering our help and resources to those applying and renewing their applications. At the same time, Voto Latino has been vigilant about pushing back against harmful and cruel immigration policies like family separation, with successful campaigns to shut down the Tornillo detention center in Texas, and hold dangerous players in the Trump administration accountable.

Social Justice

Voto Latino is committed to advancing social justice for all marginalized people, especially Latinos and the many intersections of Latino identity. 

For example, our Somos Más campaign is working to ensure an accurate count in the 2020 Census so our communities are properly funded and represented in the years to come. And our United We Win initiative, a partnership with the NAACP, National Action Network, and others, focuses on a constructive dialogue around race. First launched in 2010 to combat racial profiling in Arizona after SB1070, United We Win fosters conversation on racial profiling and police brutality in underrepresented communities.


Latinos have the highest uninsured rates of any racial or ethnic group within the United States. While healthcare and health insurance concerns have been prevalent in nationwide conversations, Latinos are especially vulnerable.

That’s why Voto Latino has pushed back against policies that might be harmful to Latino communities, such as the American Health Care Act, while supporting access to programs that are beneficial, like the Affordable Care Act. By distributing information on social media, raising awareness, and compiling professional resources, Voto Latino helped to increase enrollment in the ACA. We also joined the fight against the stigma surrounding sex education by providing resources through the Yo Soy campaign to equip young Latinas to choose their own futures.

Professional Development

Young Latinos are our country’s future–politically and economically. As one of the youngest and fastest growing demographics, Latinos will make up over 75 percent of labor force growth in the next eight years. So far, Latinos have lagged behind all other races and ethnicities when it comes to wages and representation in high-pay occupations. That’s why Voto Latino is committed to providing young Latinos with resources and education that will prepare them for professional success. 

With annual and pop-up Voto Latino Power Summit conferences, as well as networking events like Our Voices D.C. and competitions like the Voto Latino Innovators challenge, Voto Latino is working to empower the next generation of Latino professionals. 

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