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What are presidential debates?

Presidential debates are when candidates from either the same party (primary) or different parties (general) share a stage to answer policy questions and compare their visions for the country. Sometimes questions come from audience members, and sometimes journalists ask the questions. Debates are designed to help voters draw contrasts between candidates and help them decide who they want to vote for.

Why are presidential debates important?

Presidential debates allow candidates to speak directly to voters, and show the differences between their vision, values, and policies from those of their opponents. Debates allow candidates to show their personality and to describe their plans in detail. They are also useful for accountability — moderators can ask hard questions and ensure the candidates answer them for the public.

What should I look for in a debate?

You should look for the values and ideas in a candidate that match your own. The debates are there to help you better understand who you should support and why.

When are the debates scheduled?

The next Democratic primary debates are scheduled for:

  • April, 2020 (TBD)

Where can you watch the debates?

  • TBD

Voto Latino always live tweets the debates, so you can always follow along with by following @votolatino on Twitter!

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