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Voting by mail:

Voting by mail also known as absentee voting is a safe and effective way to ensure that your voice will be heard on election day. Due to covid-19 many states have made it easier than ever to vote as an absentee and submit your ballot by mail.

However, each state is different and many are still in the process of figuring out how they will adapt to voting during this pandemic. Currently five states conduct all of their elections by mail Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah. There are numerous benefits to voting entirely by mail.

It is more convenient for voters and allows for more flexibility to study the candidates, you are not interacting with anyone outside of your household which lowers your risk of getting sick or infecting others, and because it is more convenient people are more likely to cast their ballots which will greatly improve voter turnout. This upcoming 2020 election presents a whole new set of challenges with the USPS facing unprecedented obstacles. Still, If we want to see meaningful change we have to show up to vote in November. If you want to request an absentee ballot or make a voting plan click over to our ballot ready tool 👉