Make sure you're counted.

The census only comes around every 10 years, which is why it is crucial that you make yourself and your community count. Every single person should be counted regardless of their age, race, or even citizenship status. Why is the census so important? Well, communities that are not counted essentially do not exist in the government’s eyes, therefore they won’t be considered when drawing congressional districts or allocating money for schools, hospitals, or roads. We are a part of the fabric of America and we deserve to be seen just like everyone else.

There are 56.5 million Latinx people currently living in the US and a third of those people are at a high risk of not taking the census. But we will not be silenced! When you pledge to take the census and encourage your friends, family, and community to take it, too, you’re saying that you matter and deserve to be counted! You deserve representation, funding, and visibility!

Do one thing that matters

Text CENSUS to 73179 for census answers and updates

Pledge to take the census

We will not be silenced – we will be counted.

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