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No one is above the law.

Impeachment, in simple terms, is the process for removing high government officials from their office for doing something seriously wrong. It is a way to keep public officials accountable for their actions.

The process of impeachment against Donald Trump started when Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, introduced a request for an impeachment investigation. He was being accused of withholding both military aid and a White House meeting from Ukraine to pressure its president to dig up dirt on presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son. Pelosi’s request was sent to the House Judiciary Commission, which decided there was enough to pursue the case.

The House Judiciary Commission interviewed witnesses and gathered evidence to establish the Articles of Impeachment — aka the charges against Trump. Eventually the House voted to convict on both Articles of Impeachment with a vote of 228-193. Voting to convict was a remarkable step by the House and it made Trump the third president in US history to be impeached.

The Articles of Impeachment were then sent to the Senate. There, the Senate held a trial, with senators serving as the jury, to determine whether to remove Trump from office or leave him. In order to remove him from office, 67 Senators had to vote in favor. In this case they were not able to reach that high of a threshold, and the charges were dropped. On the charge of abuse of power he was acquitted 52-48 and on the charge of obstructing Congress he was acquitted with a vote of 53-47. This was a disappointing ending and yet another example of how under Majority Leader Mitch McMconnell it has become nearly impossible to get anything done in the Senate. As a country we deserve better than having elected officials that refuse to hold the president accountable for his crimes.

When we vote, we are voting for the members of congress who will be the ones raising their voice against the wrongdoings of high government officials. So, next time you vote think, will this representative speak up against corruption and dishonesty? Or will they put their head down and remain quiet? We can’t go back and change this outcome, but we can hold these senators accountable for their actions when it matters on election day.

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