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Reproductive Justice

We must be able to decide for ourselves when and if to start a family.

The reproductive justice movement is our chance to stop others from making decisions about our health, our bodies, and our families. It is crucial that women and pregnant people have access to affordable and compassionate health care and are trusted to make their own decisions about when and if to start a family– and have the opportunity to raise a healthy family in a safe, healthy, and violence-free environment.

This issue particularly impacts Latinxs. Four in five Latinas report that access to affordable birth control has been important in their own lives, and more than half can imagine a situation in which abortion could be the right choice for them.

You may feel like there’s nothing you can do to change the debate about abortion and reproductive freedom. But you can help! This is where voting comes into play. You have the ability to vote for policy makers that can pass policies to protect and benefit reproductive health. This is especially important when it comes to the judges who decide things like abortion rights and laws. Since the president appoints and the Senate approves the judges that decide on abortion access and affordable reproductive health care, we must vote for a president and senators who will honor our rights.

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Tell your representatives you support full access to reproductive health care, including birth control and abortion

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Pledge to vote for leaders who support full access to reproductive health care

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Do you need help paying for an abortion?

Finding an abortion care provider and paying for the procedure can sometimes be really hard. Abortion funds are here to help.

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