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Coronavirus Stimulus Bill A Good Start; Doesn’t Go Nearly Far Enough


Danny Turkel, [email protected]

Washington, DC – ​The largest stimulus bill in US history is headed to the president’s desk for signing, providing some much-needed relief to the American people. Although earlier drafts of the bill would have been an even greater windfall for corporations, the current iteration still heavily prioritizes Wall Street over working Americans, among whom the Latinx community is disproportionately represented.

One of the most impactful–and probably one of the more overlooked–parts of the bill is the $400 million allotted for election accessibility after multiple states postponed their primary elections. The funds would go towards expanded vote-by-mail and online voter registration programs. The money would also provide resources to better protect poll workers and voters at in-person voting locations. Voto Latino will continue to advocate for more protections for early vote and vote-by-mail to ensure that Latinx voters are able to access their power and vote, once they become registered.

“The bill, as constructed, is fine for the current crisis, but could do so much more to help the American working class, regardless of status, and is about $1 billion short of fully safeguarding our elections in November,” said Voto Latino Founding President and CEO, María Teresa Kumar. “This stimulus bill fails to protect the 11 million undocumented people living in this country–who are just as vulnerable to COVID-19 as anyone else–many of whom are considered essential personnel: farmers, food delivery workers, grocery clerks, hospital aides, and caretakers for the elderly. Voto Latino is calling on all elected members of Congress to expand protections for all individuals within our community, regardless of immigration status, during this pandemic. Our hope is that Congress takes our democracy seriously enough to provide greater support to states for November’s general election and that the coming relief package provides support to all, regardless of status. COVID-19 doesn’t discriminate–neither should our government’s response to combat it. ”

After the bill is signed and as the world continues to fight this pandemic, Voto Latino will continue to advocate for solutions that address Americans’–documented or not–daily concerns and problems. Handouts to corporations at the expense of the taxpayer will never be an acceptable solution.


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