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Election Disinformation Remains a Challenge for Latino Voters Heading Into the Midterm Elections

New Voto Latino poll shows far reach of voter fraud disinformation in the Latino community. 

Voto Latino conducted a national poll of 2,464 Latinos to study the salience of disinformation in the Latino community ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. The poll is an initiative of the Latino Anti-Disinformation Lab, a project of Voto Latino in partnership with Media Matters for America, and was fielded through Clarity Campaign Labs. 

“Election-related disinformation remains a significant problem within the Latino community,” said Ameer Patel, Vice President of Programs at Voto Latino. “Voto Latino is focused on cutting through false narratives to provide accurate election information to Latino voters. We’re especially concerned about false and misleading Spanish-language content that Latinos find and circulate on social media. This study shows how pervasive these narratives are and how much staying power they have. The LADLab will continue to develop counter-messaging to increase trust in the electoral process and help turn out Latino voters across the country.” 

The poll is part of LADLab’s ongoing work to develop data-driven tools and campaigns to combat election-related disinformation that targets the Latino community. 

The poll reveals several key findings: 

  • 66% of Latinos reported seeing false information about Democratic officials tampering with ballots
    • 33% report that information  is “true” or “probably true” 
  • 36% of respondents had seen the false narrative that foreign governments send undocumented immigrants to the United States to influence election results
  • Low institutional trust is closely correlated with susceptibility to disinformation
  • 51%, only slightly above half,  of respondents believe “studies have found no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the U.S. elections” 
  • Latinos can be vulnerable to disinformation regardless of age, gender, household income, or language preference
  • Latino consistently identify friends and family, local news, and social media as their primary source of news and information. 


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