GOP Governors’ Exploitation of Migrants “Utterly Grotesque” - Voto Latino

GOP Governors’ Exploitation of Migrants “Utterly Grotesque”

In response to stunts by Republican governors of Arizona, Florida and Texas, who sent migrants to locations across the country without any preparation for basic humanitarian concerns, Maria Teresa Kumar, President and CEO of Voto Latino, issued the following statement.

“The decision made by Republican Governors to exploit vulnerable families in order to score political points is utterly grotesque. This competition between politicians to see who can inflict the most pain on innocent people is a sign of the deep sickness that has infected the GOP. Any decent person would understand that people seeking a better life deserve our respect and support; but Governors Abbott, DeSantis and Ducey aren’t decent men. Instead of treating people with the inherent dignity they deserve, they’ve borrowed a page from the playbook of mid-century racists to display their bigotry for all to see.

“America is better than this. Instead of pandering to xenophobia and hate, our elected leaders should be pursuing our national ideal as a nation of immigrants. We’ve often failed to live up to the values we espouse when it comes to welcoming those fleeing danger, but we’ve rarely failed with such willful, transparent malice.”

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