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Ketanji Brown Jackson Hearings Show She’s the Right Woman for the Job

WashingtonThe Senate Judiciary Committee hearings to consider the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson wrapped up today after Republicans repeatedly used racist and dishonest tropes in an attempt to discredit the nominee. María Teresa Kumar, Voto Latino President and CEO issued the following statement:

“It’s no surprise that Judge Jackson was able to endure the tantrums she faced from Republican Senators throughout two days of questioning this week, but even for those of us who have been watching judicial confirmation hearings for years her poise and grace–as well as her wisdom and intellectual firepower–were deeply inspiring. Again and again, Judge Jackson showed not just that she had a firm grasp of even the finest points of the law, but that she understood the profound impact that the Supreme Court’s rulings have on the lives of ordinary people.

“These hearings made it perfectly clear that President Biden made a very wise choice when he nominated Judge Jackson to our nation’s highest court. Her confirmation isn’t just something to support, but to celebrate. Unlike Presidents, Supreme Court justices don’t serve for four years or eight years, but for life. Selecting the best nominee is a profoundly impactful decision. This week Ketanji Brown Jackson showed everyone that she’s the right woman for the job.”

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