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Latino Voters Prove to be Firewall Safeguarding Democracy


Hand Democrats Control of the Senate and Keep House In Play

In response to Democrat’s victory in the Nevada Senate election, which ensures that Democrats will continue to hold a majority in the chamber, Voto Latino President and CEO Maria Teresa Kumar issued the following statement:

“Over the next two years, as Senator Schumer holds the gavel in the United States Senate, he’ll have Latino voters to thank. The midterm election results in Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania–as well as in key competitive congressional districts in South Texas and North Carolina–are a testament to the power of Latino voters and their ongoing support for Democrats. In each of those states, Democrats were able to win with the help of Latino voters who turned out in force and cast their ballots overwhelmingly in favor of Democratic candidates.

“These results should put to rest the false notion that the GOP is making significant inroads with Latino communities. Again and again, despite a lack of appropriate investment, the Latino community has stood with Democrats. Now it’s time for Democrats to stand with us, by moving quickly on immigration reform to enshrine DACA into law, protect individuals depending on Temporary Protected Status and give support to the essential workers who have kept this country running during its most difficult times.”

According to the Election Eve Poll, Latino voters overwhelmingly supported Democratic candidates in the midterm elections. In Arizona, Latino voters supported Mark Kelly over Blake Masters by a margin of 67 to 32. In Nevada, they supported Catherine Cortez Masto over Adam Laxalt by a margin of 61 to 33. In Pennsylvania, they supported John Fetterman by a margin of 70 to 26.

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