Migrant Deaths Are an ‘Indictment of our Dysfunctional Immigration System’ - Voto Latino

Migrant Deaths Are an ‘Indictment of our Dysfunctional Immigration System’

In response to reports that 50 individuals, presumably migrants, were found dead in a truck abandoned in Texas, Voto Latino President and CEO María Teresa Kumar issued the following statement:

“The death of these individuals, who like millions of other people came to this country to find a better life for themselves and their families, is an incalculable tragedy. We’re holding each of the victims, and their loved ones, in our hearts today.”

“This tragedy is also an indictment of the dysfunctional immigration system in which our entire economy is complicit. Republicans are already rushing to attack President Biden for this horrible incident, but the truth is that migrants are coaxed into entering the country though dangerous, even deadly paths by our constant demand for cheap labor and cheap goods. The fact that so many people are willing to risk their lives to cross the border shines a light on the terrible conditions millions of people face in Mexico and Latin America.”

“If the United States wants to prevent this kind of nightmare in the future, we need to look beyond our own borders to help create a world that’s safer and more equitable for everyone. That won’t just help people in Latin America–it will help Americans right here at home. The time for playing politics with our border is past. It’s time to exercise leadership in our hemisphere that honors the inherent dignity of everyone who calls it home.”

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