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The President is Attempting to Undermine Our Election

Washington, DC – Today, the President of the United States took to Twitter and suggested that he would like to see November 3rd’s general election delayed. The outburst came as yet another attack from the Trump administration against mail-in voting, a perfectly safe and valid voting mechanism that would allow millions of voters to cast their ballots without having to risk their health amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Despite the rhetoric, the president, his family, and his staff frequently use mail-in voting to cast their ballots. The President has voted by mail at least three times in the last four years. Attorney General William Barr, who has also falsely asserted that vote-by-mail leads to fraud, did so in 2019. Vice President Pence used mail-in ballots three times in the past three years. 13 other high ranking administration officials or Trump family members have been confirmed to have recently voted by mail, some multiple times. 

“Donald Trump does not have the authority to delay or change the date of the election,” said María Teresa Kumar, President and CEO of Voto Latino. “The President of the United States is attempting to sow mistrust and fear about an election that he appears poised to lose. We should also not ignore the fact that he said this immediately after news broke of the largest GDP drop-off in our nation’s history. This is Donald Trump’s legacy: a broken economy, hundreds of thousands of people sick and dying unnecessarily, and a nascent authoritarian throwing temper tantrums.”

Voto Latino will continue to monitor the situation, consult with allies and lawmakers, and do whatever it takes to ensure that Donald Trump cannot harm our democracy any more than he already has. This latest broadside against Americans’ constitutional rights will not fade away. This will be yet another mobilizing event for this nation’s voters, who will remember this on November 3rd.  


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