Title 42 Ruling: “Needless Delay” Before Policy Ends up on “Ash Heap of History” - Voto Latino

Title 42 Ruling: “Needless Delay” Before Policy Ends up on “Ash Heap of History”

In response to Judge Robert Summerhays’ ruling enjoining President Bident from ending Title 42 until jumping through additional procedural hoops, Voto Latino President and CEO Maria Teresa Kumar issued the following statement:

“Today’s decision from a Trump-appointed judge delays the end of Title 42 and forces our country to enforce a policy profoundly at odds with our values. When President Biden took office, he became the latest in a string of presidents to inherit a badly broken immigration system. Unlike his predecessors, he also inherited a host of policies implemented by the Trump administration specifically to further that president’s racist, xenophobic agenda. President Biden’s repeal of Title 42 is not only an important step towards fair and decent treatment for immigrants fleeing grave danger but also a sign that America is ready to resume its place as a beacon for multiethnic democracy and a nation that people all over the world look to as a proud, strong nation of immigrants. It’s long past time to toss Stephen Miller’s policy agenda onto the ash heap of history where it belongs. Despite this needless delay, I’m confident that’s where it will ultimately end up.”

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