Voto Latino Applauds President Biden’s Second Executive Order to Address Racial Inequity - Voto Latino

Voto Latino Applauds President Biden’s Second Executive Order to Address Racial Inequity

In response to President Biden’s Executive Order on Further Advancing Racial Equity and Support for Underserved Communities Through the Federal Government, Voto Latino issued the following statement:

“President Biden’s recent order is another significant step in combating systemic racism in this country. This action builds upon the successes that Biden has been delivering to communities of color throughout his administration. Through this order we will see civil rights abuses addressed in federal agencies, plans created to hold these same agencies accountable, and more local community engagement. This order moves the government closer to ensuring that people of color are able to live with the rights and respect they deserve.

“Since he took office President Biden has made clear that he is willing to tackle the big challenges that face historically marginalized communities. He has nominated the most diverse group of presidential appointees in U.S. history, provided badly needed support to Hispanic-serving institutions, taken important steps towards addressing the student debt crisis and refused to give into the relentless anti-immigrant rhetoric of the GOP. This order represents another, very important step towards building a country in which all people are, indeed, treated as equal.”

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