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Voto Latino Comments on Immigration and Asylum Negotiations in Washington

In response to the ongoing negotiations in Washington, D.C. centered on potential changes to our immigration and asylum systems, Voto Latino Founding President and CEO María Teresa Kumar released the following statement:

“We at Voto Latino are concerned about recent reports suggesting that the White House and some Democratic lawmakers are willing to make concessions that would further restrict our asylum system and fast-track deportations nationwide.

“This is a MAGA Republican wishlist, and they are holding our allies hostage in order to force cruel changes to our country. Unlike 2013’s Gang of Eight, these negotiations in the Senate are being held without any representation from the Latino community, who will bear the principal outcomes of these changes — proposals that would make America’s second-largest demographic group vulnerable throughout the country.

“Voto Latino’s polling shows that Latino voters prefer a balanced approach to immigration, which include pathways to legal status. These proposals are far from that, and should not be on the table. We call on the Administration to reject these extremist, anti-immigrant Republican proposals in its negotiations, and instead pursue common sense policies for pathways for immigrants and asylum seekers.”

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