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Voto Latino Comments on Signing of Texas’ New Border Laws

Today, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed Senate Bill 3 and Senate Bill 4 into law. By confounding state law with federal immigration policy, SB 4 authorizes Texas law enforcement to target and detain anyone they suspect unlawfully present in the United States. SB 3, meanwhile, allocates $1.5 billion to the construction of a dangerous border wall. In response, Voto Latino released the following statement:

“Texas Republicans have now officially made ‘show me your papers’ the law of the state. With Governor Abbot’s signing of SB 3 and SB 4, Latinos throughout Texas have become less safe, and will be acutely aware that they are under suspicion in their own communities.

“The toll of these laws will be dangerous to both the people and the economy of Texas. The only solution is to vote for lawmakers who will represent all Texans equally and with humanity. Voto Latino will continue working to register and empower voters throughout the state.”

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