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Voto Latino Congratulates Gov. Newsom on Recall Win

CALIFORNIA – Yesterday evening, Governor Gavin Newsom was declared the winner of the California recall election. In the final weeks of the election, Voto Latino ran the Voto Latino Against the Recall initiative, urging Californians to vote “NO.” In response to the news, Voto Latino President and CEO Maria Teresa Kumar issued the following statement:

“Congratulations to Governor Gavin Newsom on winning the recall vote and staving off Republicans’ Trump-esque effort to deceive Californians and remove him from office through suppressed turnout in an off-year ballot initiative. We have full faith that Gov. Newsom will continue to lead California against the COVID pandemic and climate change, and maintain its standing as a beacon of progressive values.

“We also applaud the millions of voters in the state who cast their ballots, including the Latinx voters, young voters, and voters of color often marginalized in this type of election. By sending in their mail ballots and turning out to vote, they ensured their voices were heard and their values continued to be represented at the governor’s mansion. In an effort to avoid the inherently un-democratic process of recall elections in California, we urge the state legislature to pursue reform and avoid its future use as a tool for partisan gain.”

The Voto Latino Against the Recall invested $1 million in a program aiming to thwart California’s recall effort against Governor Gavin Newsom targeting Latino voters. The effort paid off with a significant surge in Latinx participation towards the end. The program worked to mobilize a GOTV audience of 600,000 young Latinx voters in the state. It focused on three tactics, primarily using digital-first outreach, contacted 500,000 voters via sms and deployed several influencers including Los Lobos, Making Movies, and meeting voters online. 

If you’d be interested in speaking with Maria Teresa further about the California recall, we’d be happy to arrange a call.


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