Voto Latino Congratulates Senator Raphael Warnock on Georgia Runoff Victory - Voto Latino

Voto Latino Congratulates Senator Raphael Warnock on Georgia Runoff Victory

Voto Latino celebrated the reelection of Senator Raphael Warnock to serve a full term representing Georgia in the United States Senate. Latino voters in Georgia represent nearly 5% of registered voters, with 67% of them voting Democrat this year during last month’s general election.

“Today Latino voters made their growing presence known by helping to keep Senator Raphael Warnock’s seat in the United States Senate,” said Maria Teresa Kumar, President and CEO of Voto Latino. “This was one of the most pivotal elections of the year, and Latino voters showed that they have the ability to impact politics on the national scale by delivering a win for both the state and the rest of the nation. Voto Latino started investing heavily in Georgia since 2015 – building towards this moment and it’s paid off. We mobilized a record number of low propensity voters in the last special election and doubled down on our efforts this time around.

“On issues like abortion access, healthcare, DACA, and gun control, Latino voters in Georgia showed up in strength to overwhelmingly support Warnock and deliver a clear mandate for progress. Georgia is ground zero for the profound impact a new, diverse generation of voters can have on our democracy–when we give them the support they need. We’re seeing it with record breaking voter turnout and new voter registration numbers. Communities of color transformed Georgia’s electoral landscape in 2020 and they continued on that path this year. It has given us a peek into what can happen when we invest in voters whose voices are only now being heard at the ballot box.”

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