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Voto Latino Endorses Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for Reelection

Voto Latino, the leading civic engagement organization focused on educating and empowering a new generation of Latino voters, announced today that it is endorsing the ticket of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for the 2024 White House race.

This announcement marks only the second ever endorsement in the organization’s history, following Voto Latino’s support for the 2020 Biden campaign. It reflects both the Biden Administration’s important record of achievement in representing the interests of the Latino community and the unprecedented threat that Donald Trump poses for Latinos, our thriving country, and our democracy.

“Four years ago, Voto Latino endorsed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the face of an unprecedented threat to our community and our country,” said María Teresa Kumar, Voto Latino’s founding president and CEO. “Today we are endorsing President Biden and Vice President Harris because their exceptional first term has earned our trust – and our votes. But the job’s not done.”

She added, “Let’s never forget the Trump policies that separated parents from their children at the border and put children in cages. They ended it. Let’s never forget the racist travel and refugee bans. They stopped them. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris protected DREAMers and their families by reinstating DACA. They expanded healthcare coverage and lowered prescription drug prices. They invested in workforce training, improved access to affordable childcare, and reduced the burden of student debt.”

Voto Latino is endorsing the Biden-Harris ticket both for its significant accomplishments and because the organization expects the Administration to finish its work on issues that are important to Latino voters.

“When we launched Voto Latino 20 years ago, our country desperately needed comprehensive immigration reform,” Kumar said. “Today, after years of Republicans playing politics with people’s lives, the crisis is worse than ever.”

“We can bring order and safety to the border and honor our friends and neighbors, the essential workers who have been here for years, paying taxes and building our economy,” she added. “That’s what the American people demand and deserve. It will never happen under Trump and his extremist Republican Congress. That’s why we need to elect Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and a Democratic Congress in November. Our expectation is to work with the Biden-Harris administration to finally find relief for our undocumented loved ones once and for all.”

As part of its mission to help the Latino community fully realize its political power, Voto Latino additionally announced today that it is committing an unprecedented $44 million to the largest Latino-focused registration and turnout campaign in U.S. history.

The presidential endorsement is made by Voto Latino, a 501(c)(4) organization that works to educate, engage and empower Latino communities through voter registration and political representation.

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Voto Latino is a grassroots civic engagement organization focused on educating and empowering a new generation of Latinx voters, as well as creating a more robust and inclusive democracy. Through innovative digital campaigns, culturally relevant programs and authentic voices, we shepherd the Latinx community towards the full realization of its political power.