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Voto Latino Launches ¡Adiós, Sinema! Campaign to Hold Senator Accountable

The effort commits to spending six figures in the primary against the Senator

Today, Voto Latino, the nation’s premier grassroots civic engagement organization organizing Latino voters, announced the launch of ¡Adios, Sinema! a new campaign including a six-figure ad buy during the 2024 primary season, to hold Senator Kyrsten Sinema accountable for her obstruction of critical voting reforms that would protect the rights of millions of Latino voters.

“A thriving democracy is dependent on equal access to the voting booth regardless of color or creed,” said Maria Teresa Kumar, founder and president of Voto Latino. “Efforts to suppress the vote–and Senator Sinema’s opposition to suspending the filibuster for legislation to protect Arizona voters’ rights–run directly counter to our mission. Senator Sinema’s vote to allow opponents of voting rights to abuse senate rules in order to rig elections in their favor is a line crossed. We’re going to make sure her voters never forget.”

Voto Latino announced that it is committing to a six-figure ad buy during the 2024 primary election campaign to remind Arizona Latinos about Sinema’s refusal to support their enfranchisement. In 2021 alone, states enacted voter disenfranchisement laws affecting up to 20 million eligible Latino voters nationwide, including 1.5 million voters in Arizona. Starting now, Voto Latino will be messaging to supporters and activists in the state about Senator Sinema’s profoundly disappointing record in the Senate.

“Make no mistake: Senator Sinema owes her political career to Latino voters,” said Kumar. “She clearly doesn’t understand that she can’t take that support for granted. Grassroots Latino leaders in Arizona and in Washington repeatedly reached out to Senator Sinema and urged her to protect our constitutional right to cast a vote and have it count. Now voters will have the last word.”

Senator Sinema was elected in 2018 with a margin of just under 56,000 votes. Polling makes clear that her win that year wouldn’t have been possible without robust Latino support. In 2020, Voto Latino’s GOTV universe in the state included 325,000 voters, all of whom identified as Latino or Native American, including more than 61,000 voters registered by Voto Latino alone. Between 2020 and 2024, about 163,000 Latinos will turn 18 in the state becoming eligible to vote.

“Latino voters hold tremendous power in Arizona elections,” said Kumar. “That power will only increase as a new, politically engaged generation of Latino voters continues to grow. We intend to use that power to defend our rights.”

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