Voto Latino Polling Shows Latinos Are Concerned About Economic Pressures; Looking for Action from Government Leaders - Voto Latino

Voto Latino Polling Shows Latinos Are Concerned About Economic Pressures; Looking for Action from Government Leaders

Polling Informs the ‘State of Latinos’ as we head into the State of the Union

WASHINGTON — Voto Latino today released new national survey results exploring the emotional landscape of Latinx voters, along with their top issues and priorities. The poll, which was conducted with Avalanche Insights to a nationally representative sample of 5,585 voters, divided evenly between Latino and non-Latino respondents and inclusive of both English and Spanish language, uses innovative methodology focused on open ended questions to provides a unique view into how Latinos are feeling as we approach President Biden’s first State of the Union Address.

“Like everyone else, Latinos have concerns about the state of the country,” said Maria Teresa Kumar, President and CEO of Voto Latino. “After two years of COVID, the worries about the disease are intertwined with broader economic and kitchen-table issues faced by our communities. Latinos are actively looking to their elected officials to take actions that will make a real difference in their lives.”

The poll revealed several key findings:

  • A majority of Latinx Americans, across age, gender, urbanism, and generation, report feeling negative emotions over the past two weeks, led by anxiety and sadness.
  • Financial insecurity leads as the top stressor among Latino voters, especially those under the age of 40. COVID concerns were often cited in the context of their economic impact.
  • Though younger, urban, and recent immigrant Latinx Americans are more likely to say federal policies passed in the last year have made their lives better, more than a third of Latinx Americans say their lives have not been impacted, and want to see change for a better future in 2022.

“This is the context in which Latinos are going to hear President Biden’s remarks on Tuesday,” said Kumar. “It’s also the context in which they’ll be thinking about the midterm elections later this year. This underscores the critical need for continued outreach to the Latino community–and to young Latinx voters and Latina voters in particular–to communicate the ways that President Biden and Democrats in Congress have taken action to address families’ concrete needs.”

Because Voto Latino is an outlier in the research space–in addition to conducting in depth surveys of the Latino community, the organization also engages in extensive voter engagement work. In addition to being informed by Voto Latino’s eighteen years of grassroots work, the poll will also inform the organization’s extensive, innovative work in the 2022 election cycle.

You can view the full slide deck provided by Voto Latino here. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected] or (202) 615-9903.

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