Voto Latino Registers 601K Voters And Mobilizing 3.7 million Low-Propensity Voters - Voto Latino

Voto Latino Registers 601K Voters And Mobilizing 3.7 million Low-Propensity Voters

Washington, DC – Voto Latino, the nation’s premier Latinx voter registration organization, has registered 601,330 voters for the 2020 election cycle. States that allow for same-day registration notwithstanding, last week marked the final deadline for voter registration in states across the country. After a historic voter registration and empowerment campaign, as well as raising $33.7 million for its efforts, Voto Latino’s organizational total stands at 1,120,784 voters registered since 2012. 

“Voto Latino has demonstrated the enthusiasm and power of the Latinx community and our vote,” said María Teresa Kumar, President and CEO of Voto Latino. “Demographics are not destiny. Voto Latino invested in states over several cycles when others wouldn’t, and we never left. We continued to build infrastructure and awareness and our communities responded. The Latinx vote will be the deciding factor in multiple battleground races.”

As the end of this election season approaches, Voto Latino is committed to a fully transparent and fair election. The organization has advocated for universal mail-in voting and expanded early voting days to ensure that all eligible voters are able to exercise their constitutional rights without jeopardizing their health in the midst of a global pandemic. Voto Latino will be closely monitoring Election Day proceedings and processes to guarantee that vote counts and calculations are accurate and reflect the will of the voters. 


Voto Latino is a grassroots political organization focused on educating and empowering a new generation of Latinx voters, as well as creating a more robust and inclusive democracy. Through innovative digital campaigns, culturally relevant programs and authentic voices, we shepherd the Latinx community towards the full realization of its political power.