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Voto Latino Responds to Cruel and Dangerous Deportation Bill

In response to House Republicans’ H.R. 2 Secure the Border Act of 2023, which is set for a vote today, May 11, Voto Latino President and CEO María Teresa Kumar issued the following statement:

“The deportation bill proposed by House Republicans would deal significant damage to our nation and would harm many of the most vulnerable. The extremists supporting this bill would end asylum, risk many innocent lives, and wound our economy for the opportunity to break our immigration system rather than help fix it.

“From stripping funding of effective programs to deporting unaccompanied children, this bill would do nothing to address the root problems leading so many to seek safety across our borders. Instead, it would likely boost unlawful migration, waste taxpayer dollars, and inflict cruelty on those who see the U.S. as a beacon of hope. H.R. 2 is also a disaster waiting to happen for our economy – we need to enact smart reforms, not take a sledgehammer to the entire system.

“If enacted, House Republicans’ proposals would be as inhumane as they are ineffective at actually improving the situation at our border. The bill risks the lives of children and other vulnerable people for the sake of winning the political support of xenophobes and racists. This approach to immigration policy dehumanizes migrants and ultimately threatens the collective safety of all Latinos in our country.”

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