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Voto Latino Statement on Meta’s Decision to Return Donald Trump to Facebook

In response to Meta’s decision to reinstate former President Donald Trump to Facebook, Voto Latino President and CEO issued the following statement:

“During his time as President, Donald Trump weaponized Facebook and other platforms to spread disinformation and inflame bigotry against immigrants and other vulnerable communities in ways that had profound real world consequences – people died. He also used these platforms to organize a failed coup, as the January 6th Bipartisan Congressional Committee laid out in detail – where once again, people died. His actions threatened the very democratic freedoms Meta claims to espouse. His posts on Truth Social show that he’s only become more reckless and unhinged.

“At Voto Latino, we take freedom of speech seriously and deeply believe that politicians should communicate with voters. But the twice-impeached, criminally indicted president is no ordinary politician. He has used Meta as a recruitment tool for white supremacists who incite violence and division that infringes on the rights and safety of the most vulnerable. Meta understands its role as the lauded town square of the internet, and it should know better than to hand over its megaphone to Trump, who will use Facebook and Instagram to further incite division and violence.

“Claiming to have put ‘guardrails’ on the former president who has repeatedly flouted norms and the rule of law would be laughable if it wasn’t so cynical. Meta can’t spin this. It’s clear that the new restrictions will do little to protect vulnerable communities or America’s own democracy. Meta’s decision is irresponsible, and it’s clear this decision was made from a place of privilege. Voto Latino will continue to push social media platforms to live up to their obligation to ensure the safety of their products.”

This month Voto Latino joined with a coalition of Civil Rights groups calling on Meta to make permanent Trump’s temporary ban from the platform.

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