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Voto Latino Sues to Block Arizona Voter Suppression Law

SB 1260 would make it harder for Arizona voters to cast a ballot if they’ve previously been registered in another state.

Voto Latino today joined with allied organizations to file a lawsuit in federal court seeking to block the implementation of Arizona’s SB 1260, legislation designed to discourage eligible voters from casting a ballot. The law, which criminalizes individuals and organizations who provide voting assistance to Arizona voters if the person they are helping is registered to vote in another state, was passed by the Arizona legislature and signed into law earlier this year.

“SB 1260 is a perfect example of legislation designed to exploit unfounded fears of voter fraud in order to make it harder for eligible voters to cast a ballot,” said Maria Teresa Kumar, President and CEO of Voto Latino. “Politicians in Arizona have piled obstacles in front of the voting booth simply because they don’t like the kinds of voters who want to participate in our elections. That’s not just an affront to democracy; it’s an attack on communities who deserve to have their voices heard on Election Day and to have politicians who are responsive to their needs.”

Voto Latino filed the suit today along with Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans and Priorities USA, challenging the law on constitutional grounds. If Arizona refuses to address obvious violations of the National Voter Registration Act in a timely manner then claims under the NVRA will be added as well.

“This law is aimed directly at the Latino community, and it criminalizes efforts to help individual people defend their rights,” said Kumar. “We’re committed to making sure that Latino voters have a fair chance to have their say at election time. And that means we’re going to fight like hell against unconstitutional laws like SB 1260.”

You can see a copy of the filing here.

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