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Be sure to vote local to have an impact on education.

Going to school in America is truly a mixed bag. Depending on where you live and your socio-economic status your school can have all the resources imaginable or be scraping the bottom of the barrel. A report done by UCLA found that schools have become increasingly segregated as integration policies have lapsed or been repealed over time. This primarily affects black and Latinx kids who end up going to schools that are mainly nonwhite in areas that don’t receive a lot of funding. Schools with a majority of students of color are underserved and have fewer academic programs. It’s important to have a public-school system that serves all children equally and not just those that have the wealth or privilege of living in good neighborhoods.

Our next generation hinges on the education they receive. To ensure that your voice matters on this you must make it count at the polls. The people who are representing you have the power to decide school funding, integrating school districts, creating inclusive curriculums, and so much more.

And be sure to vote all the way down the ballot these issues are usually decided by your local school board, and those candidates are often chosen by just a handful of votes. You have the power to elect school board members who will create fair, inclusive, and equitable schools for everyone!

Do one thing that matters