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Voto Latino Applauds Build Back Better Framework, Urges Congress to Pass Immediately

WASHINGTON –Following President Joe Biden’s announcement of a $1.85 trillion framework for Democrats’ Build Back Better reconciliation package, Voto Latino President and CEO María Teresa Kumar, issued the following statement:

“We applaud President Biden’s unyielding commitment to deliver for working people and families that, for too long, have been left behind in our economy despite being the engine that powers it. This Build Back Better framework is a once in a generation investment, leveling the playing field by making corporations and the wealthiest pay their fair share, so that middle class families can finally get a fair shake.

“Now, it is time for fellow Democrats to deliver on this campaign promise, and millions of Americans that elected them to Congress will be watching to ensure they swiftly send it back to the President’s desk. Once signed, this bill will be the most transformative investment in caregiving and our future generations, we’ve ever seen. Immediately, it will improve the lives of millions of children living in poverty, save parents thousands of dollars, and add two years of free, universal schooling to our education system for the first time in over 100 years. It will be the largest effort to combat climate change in history. It will cut taxes for tens of millions of middle class families. It is the biggest expansion of affordable health care in a decade. And, last but not least, we applaud the $100 billion toward improving our immigration system and the commitment to protections for undocumented individuals.

“Latinx voters now make up the second largest voting bloc and across the country support this investment in climate, care, and their kids, lowering the costs of things families depend on, helping people get back to work, and growing the economy they helped keep running during the pandemic. This is the economic help and support Latinos have been waiting on, and the immigration reform that will allow millions a reprieve from living in fear of deportation despite calling this country home. Voting works – we turned out in record numbers to see material change and direction for our country, and this package can accomplish that. We must pass this bill and finally deliver on these promises.”

If you’d be interested in speaking with María Teresa further, we’d be happy to arrange an interview.

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