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Voto Latino Applauds President Biden’s Vision for Our Economy and Our Future

WashingtonToday President Joe Biden delivered a State of the Union address outlining his vision for building an equitable economy that serves all Americans, as his administration takes essential steps to defend democracy against Russian aggression.

Voto Latino President and CEO Maria Teresa Kumar issued the following statement in response to President Biden’s speech:

“The last few years have demonstrated that the threat of autocracy does not always come from abroad — we’re fighting for the future of democracy here at home, too. President Biden made clear that he’s championing a vision for the country that represents all Americans. Voto Latino’s recent polling highlights that Latino voters, like everyone else, have concerns about the state of our economy and are looking for their elected leaders to implement policies that will make a real difference in their everyday lives.

“President Biden is promoting a range of common-sense policy solutions that would do just that. After two years of COVID, we’re still feeling the effects of a deadly pandemic. We need strong economic relief to shore up Americans’ long-term financial futures, including policies that relieve the burden of student debt.

“Modernizing our immigration system must also remain top of mind for the administration. We can bring much needed recognition to the millions of immigrants who sacrificed themselves and their families. Undocumented proved essential to keep our nation running in the midst of the pandemic and who already call this country home. Providing relief from deportation is the least a grateful country can grant.

“While we’re working collectively with our allies to defend democracy abroad, our leaders in Washington must protect it at home. That means flexing executive actions on voting rights to resource local election officials the means to protect the ballot box and continue using the power of the pen to safeguard our democracy at all costs.”

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