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Voto Latino Celebrates Biden Repeal of Title 42

WashingtonPresident Biden today announced that his administration will end the controversial Title 42 policy by May 23, 2022. The policy is a Trump-era initiative that expels people seeking asylum at the border under the guise of COVID-19 public health necessity.

“President Biden inherited a deeply damaged immigration system from his predecessor, and ending Title 42 is an important step towards creating a system that’s better, safer, and more responsible,” said Maria Teresa Kumar, President and CEO of Voto Latino. “Seeking asylum is absolutely, unquestionably permitted under US law. Title 42 stood in stark contrast to that premise and returned thousands of individuals to profoundly dangerous situations.”

Medical and public health experts, as well as advocates for immigrants and human rights, have long called on the Biden Administration to end Title 42.

“Immigrants, including those who are coming to this country to escape grave danger, have always played a key role in powering American growth and innovation,” said Kumar. “Throughout his time in office, Donald Trump used his power to smear and attack immigrants as well as Latino communities. This policy was the brainchild of Stephen Miller, the man behind Trump’s family separation policy. It was never based on the facts–it was always based on the cruelty and cynicism of President Trump and his allies. President Biden is right to end this ugly chapter of American immigration policy, and he has a responsibility to continue to follow through on his campaign promise to create a system that treats all immigrants with the dignity they deserve.”

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