Voto Latino Condemns Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court, Dishonoring RBG’s Dying Request - Voto Latino

Voto Latino Condemns Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to Supreme Court, Dishonoring RBG’s Dying Request

Washington, DC – Voto Latino strongly opposes the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States. The Senate, and specifically Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, delayed further work on COVID-19 relief packages and stimulus spending to rush the confirmation process and pervert the Supreme Court just days before a presidential election. Violating his own precedent, Senator McConnell has made it clear that he believes the will of the voters is irrelevant in determining how the American judicial system is constructed. 

“There is absolutely no justice in this confirmation,” said María Teresa Kumar, President, and CEO of Voto Latino. “Judge Coney Barrett’s hearing was a farce, leaving the American people with little to no idea as to her beliefs and intentions when she is seated on the bench. Instead of aiding the country through a global pandemic, Senate Republicans have chosen to distort the high court for decades to come. Shame on them. American voters across the country will remember this as they continue to head to the polls in record numbers.”

It is no secret that, should the outcome of the presidential election be contested, Coney Barrett will be part of a conservative Supreme Court that could very well hand the election to Donald Trump. What we are seeing is nothing less than a blatant and shameless mishandling of our nation’s laws and principles in order to entrench one party in power. Voto Latino will continue to mobilize its base to take action and monitor Supreme Court decisions that could have unalterably negative impacts on our community’s health and wellbeing.


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